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My Life in Polaroids

On the Table: Unpacking Paris…

June 16, 2012

Paris, France, My life in Polaroids, on the Table, Paris in colors

What a nice surprise to come back home after a week in Paris and get a Birthday gift in the mail from one of my friends. I guess some of my friends know me too well! My friend has ordered it in Amazon way before she knew I would actually be in Paris. I’ve been actually planning to buy this book awhile ago, after following its author, Nicole Robertson, from the blog Little Brown Pen.

So now I am unpacking my Parisian suitcase, putting away my new Les petites Parisiennes shoes, my new favorite perfume from Jovoy Paris, making myself a cup of coffee and slowly getting back to my New York’s routine.

Thanks Merav for the book!

My Life in Polaroids

On the table: Vintaging Tel Aviv

April 20, 2012

on the Table, Vintage, Tel Aviv, My life in Polaroids

In my current visit to Tel Aviv, I can’t ignore but noticing a common trend. Vintage! Or was it because I was visiting the old port in Jaffa the other day, where a busy, colorful vintage and flea market scene was taking place. I guess Tel Aviv is getting Vintage, and the more I saw it, the more I liked it. After a long shooting day in Jaffa, I met few friends for an early dinner. We were at that great restaurant, that holds a variety of old furniture, plates and kitchen ware. So eclectic!  When I got my mint tea with the check, the waiter got it with a Nancy Reagan image! We couldn’t help but laughing how vintage can you go! Food was great, by the way :-)

My Life in Polaroids

on the table: Pausa caffè a Venezia

October 20, 2011

My life in Polaroids, Venice, Italy, Coffee, On the Table

Surely, there is nothing better than a good Italian coffee, not to mention when you drink it in Italy. And from all cities in Italy, when you drink it in Venice. I was in Venice only for 8 and a half hours, but they were intensive photography hours, while I was walking among the narrow colorful streets and alleys with my Italian Photographer friend, Peter.

I was on a hunt for some good Laundry shots for an on going photography project I am doing “Intimacy under the Wires”  and Peter was on a hunt for a good coffee. We have just discovered a magical store that sells hand-made masks and right next to it there was a small cafe that serves short espresso. It was the perfect break for the day and the best ‘fuel’ (beside dark chocolate) to continue taking pictures.

My Life in Polaroids

On the table: In Florence act like Italians do

September 22, 2011

My life in Polaroids, Florence, Italy, On the Table, Coffee

In Rome act like Romans do….Same in Florence.

I am still in Florence, exploring this beautiful city and its sights. I don’t know why, but from all cities in Italy, I really wanted to see Florence, for real. Therefore, I checked in to one of the famous and mythological places in the city,Scudieri Caffe in Piazza San Giovanni. I didn’t know what to order so I let one of the locals who was having his coffee break, choose for me. I got a sweet coffee with cream in a semi Grappa glass. It took me exactly one minute to drink it (as fast as Italians drink their espresso) and I asked for a second round. If you ever in Florence, I highly recommend to include Scudieri in your schedule. At least once a day.

My Life in Polaroids

On the Table: Café pour deux

May 17, 2011

On the table, my life in polaroids, Coffee, Paris

My on going project ‘On the Table’ started with a random shot, while visiting Israel and meeting friends for lunch in one of the most colorful neighborhood in Tel Aviv. I always try that the shot will tell something about the place I am in, location wise and cultural wise but also reflect my state of mind at that moment. I am starting a series of posts and will be a guest blogger for ‘Spotted by Locals’ for the next few months. Hopefully, this project will make it one day to all 41 cities ‘Spotted by Locals’ is covering.

Sit back and relax. Here comes my first one;

I love coffee! In fact, I’m quite addicted to caffeine.

People who know me, will know not to call me in the morning, only after I drink my first cup of coffee (or second). I’m also very specific and quite picky about the way it is made. (Sorry!) This shot was taken in Paris few days ago. I was staying in a friend’s place for six days and tried to live it as Parisians do! My friend, who is also a photographer, made us these two cups of coffees, as a good start for the day. I love the shape of the coffee plate, the way they almost touch each other and the reflection of his living room rug, through the glass table.

Bonjour Paris!