My Life in Polaroids

on the table: Pausa caffè a Venezia

October 20, 2011

My life in Polaroids, Venice, Italy, Coffee, On the Table

Surely, there is nothing better than a good Italian coffee, not to mention when you drink it in Italy. And from all cities in Italy, when you drink it in Venice. I was in Venice only for 8 and a half hours, but they were intensive photography hours, while I was walking among the narrow colorful streets and alleys with my Italian Photographer friend, Peter.

I was on a hunt for some good Laundry shots for an on going photography project I am doing “Intimacy under the Wires”  and Peter was on a hunt for a good coffee. We have just discovered a magical store that sells hand-made masks and right next to it there was a small cafe that serves short espresso. It was the perfect break for the day and the best ‘fuel’ (beside dark chocolate) to continue taking pictures.

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