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On the Table: Café pour deux

May 17, 2011

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My on going project ‘On the Table’ started with a random shot, while visiting Israel and meeting friends for lunch in one of the most colorful neighborhood in Tel Aviv. I always try that the shot will tell something about the place I am in, location wise and cultural wise but also reflect my state of mind at that moment. I am starting a series of posts and will be a guest blogger for ‘Spotted by Locals’ for the next few months. Hopefully, this project will make it one day to all 41 cities ‘Spotted by Locals’ is covering.

Sit back and relax. Here comes my first one;

I love coffee! In fact, I’m quite addicted to caffeine.

People who know me, will know not to call me in the morning, only after I drink my first cup of coffee (or second). I’m also very specific and quite picky about the way it is made. (Sorry!) This shot was taken in Paris few days ago. I was staying in a friend’s place for six days and tried to live it as Parisians do! My friend, who is also a photographer, made us these two cups of coffees, as a good start for the day. I love the shape of the coffee plate, the way they almost touch each other and the reflection of his living room rug, through the glass table.

Bonjour Paris!

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