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On the table: In Florence act like Italians do

September 22, 2011

My life in Polaroids, Florence, Italy, On the Table, Coffee

In Rome act like Romans do….Same in Florence.

I am still in Florence, exploring this beautiful city and its sights. I don’t know why, but from all cities in Italy, I really wanted to see Florence, for real. Therefore, I checked in to one of the famous and mythological places in the city,Scudieri Caffe in Piazza San Giovanni. I didn’t know what to order so I let one of the locals who was having his coffee break, choose for me. I got a sweet coffee with cream in a semi Grappa glass. It took me exactly one minute to drink it (as fast as Italians drink their espresso) and I asked for a second round. If you ever in Florence, I highly recommend to include Scudieri in your schedule. At least once a day.

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