Window or Aisle?

Window or Aisle: Ashley Ludaescher

February 20, 2013

While Berlin is becoming a hot-destination on the globe, or at least on my agenda, I am getting inspired by Ashley’s images of the German city.

The first time I came across Ashley’s work was through Chasing Heartbeats, her website. There was something about the name that grabbed my attention, but her images were the ones who made me come back and check her website over and over again. With time, I started seeing more of Ashley’s work through mutual talented friends, such as Pret a Voyager, Sister Mag and Lost in Cheeseland, all in the same creative circle.

She moved to Berlin with her husband in December 2011 after living three years in Germany’s Black Forest, and she gets her inspiration from the vibrant city and the creative people living in it.

Ashley is a talented wedding photographer but she also capture her Travels in such a unique and ‘clean’ way. I believe living in the middle of Europe makes it much easier to travel to other countries and experience new cultures.

You can see more of Ashley’s work on her blog where she shares more of her travels, Berlin, and her personal life.

If you ever go to Berlin before I go, please check Ashley’s images for more inspiration, or even book her for a shoot. And by the time I make it over there, I’ll just keep staring at her beautiful pictures.

Thanks Ashley for answering my questions. Can’t wait to take some pictures with you one day in Berlin!

Where are you from?  I grew up in beautiful San Luis Obispo, California.  After a few years living and working in San Francisco and Paris, the last 4 1/2 years I have lived in Germany. I spent the first three years in the picturesque Black Forest and now call Berlin home.

Where did you study photography? I have a Bachelors in Commercial Photography from the Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, California.

What made you want to learn it?  I have played around with cameras for as long as I can remember.  I stole my father’s Canon A-1 during family trips and eventually got my own film SLR when I was a teenager.  When it was time to decide on what I wanted to study in college, I knew I wanted to do something with art and debated between studying ceramics or photography.  I think I made the right decision. I feel so blessed to call this my job.

If you weren’t a photographer what would you do?  Oh my word, I have no idea.  Maybe something travel-based.  Or somehow dealing with religious studies.  I have always found the the religions and traditions of the world completely fascinating.

where do you get your inspiration from?  the people I photograph and my surroundings.  Travel is endlessly inspiring.

What do you mostly love shooting?  weddings and my travels around Europe and the US

How do you usually approach a new project?  I don’t do a lot of preparation.  I do find inspiration on pinterest and sometimes I flip through my board, but mostly I just go out and shoot and get inspired that way.

What are you working on right now?  I just sent off some editorial images for a magazine with two Berlin based stories which was really fun.  I am booking weddings for 2013 and spent a lot of time last month planning for the year ahead.  I just opened a print shop and it has been really fun to go through my travel portfolio to find images to sell as prints.  I am going to Spain next week and really excited to take lots of photos and hopefully will have some new editorial work come from it.

Window or Aisle?  window.  Although I often sit in the middle and let my husband have the window


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  • Reply Prêt à Voyager / Anne February 20, 2013 at 8:14 pm

    Love seeing photographers celebrating each others work. Ashley is so great, professional, and huge fan of her work :)

  • Reply Sivan February 20, 2013 at 8:56 pm

    Thanks Anne!

  • Reply ashley // chasing heartbeats February 21, 2013 at 9:02 am

    Thanks so much for asking me to take part in your series, Sivan! I am so glad that we were able to connect :) Hopefully we can meet up in person someday soon!!

  • Reply Lindsey February 21, 2013 at 1:07 pm

    Love Ashley’s work – it’s been a pleasure to collaborate with her! Hoping we have a chance to do the same, Sivan!

  • Reply Sivan February 21, 2013 at 4:00 pm

    Thanks Lindsey
    we will…

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