Window or Aisle?

A picture is worth a 1000 words

May 15, 2011

Travel, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Tango, Love

“…Every time we meet it’s like time never changed at all…”

San Telmo, Buenos Aires, February 2011

San Telmo on a Sunday is completely something different than San Telmo on a regular day. The bohemian neighborhood is getting packed with Arts, Antiques, Tango dancers, street performers and timelessness characters. After a while, when it got too crowded, I stepped into a courtyard in one of the alleys. I climbed to one of the building’s rooftops to get a better view of San Telmo when I saw these two people. I liked how they both wore the some colors of clothes, the same gesture with their hands and up till now, I don’t know what the woman was looking for in her bag and wether the man was waiting for her.

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