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Marie Claire Italia September Issue

September 4, 2012

The Italian Fashion magazine Marie Claire ITALIA has picked up one of the images I took of the flea market scene in Jaffa, Tel Aviv, and featured it in the latest September Issue.

The flea market in Jaffa and the Vintage scene in Tel Aviv in general, is quite remarkable and trendy (and I promise to write a full post about it soon) Meanwhile, here it is in Marie Claire ITALIA online.

‘Siamo a Jaffa, nel mercato delle pulci più grande d’Israele. «Qui si respira una nuovaatmosfera, se siete a Tel Aviv non perdetevela!», ci dice Sivan Askayo, fotoreporter israeliana di base a New York, autrice di Vintage retro chic: un viaggio fotografico, e un invito agironzolare, tra boutique vintage, negozietti di modernariato e pub retro-chic’

Marie Claire Italia, Flea Market, Jaffa, Tel Aviv, Vintage scene


My Life in Polaroids

On the table: Vintaging Tel Aviv

April 20, 2012

on the Table, Vintage, Tel Aviv, My life in Polaroids

In my current visit to Tel Aviv, I can’t ignore but noticing a common trend. Vintage! Or was it because I was visiting the old port in Jaffa the other day, where a busy, colorful vintage and flea market scene was taking place. I guess Tel Aviv is getting Vintage, and the more I saw it, the more I liked it. After a long shooting day in Jaffa, I met few friends for an early dinner. We were at that great restaurant, that holds a variety of old furniture, plates and kitchen ware. So eclectic!  When I got my mint tea with the check, the waiter got it with a Nancy Reagan image! We couldn’t help but laughing how vintage can you go! Food was great, by the way :-)