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Hemispheres November Issue Cover

November 12, 2012

I am really excited to have one of my images of the iconic Agam’s fire and water fountain on the cover of November issue of Hemisphere Magazine. It was a great surprise to take a flight back from Tel Aviv to New York and see this picture.

In my recent visit to Tel Aviv I was contacted by the Photo Editor of Hemisphere, who wanted suggestions for Iconic yet graphic images, symbols and locations of Tel Aviv. There were variety of options; the coastline of Tel Aviv dotted with beach umbrellas, the Hamsa hands in Shuk Hakarmel, the colorful facade of Dan’s Hotel, the narrow alleys of Jaffa, you name it. They were all well received, but I guess the editor wanted something new he didn’t see before. I don’t know why but in the spare of the moment, I sent him an image I took with my iPhone of Agam’s fountain and he loved it. He asked me to go back and shoot it. Day light and Night time.

Day light was not a problem, Night time was more about finding the time to do so.

This shot was taken on the last day before the deadline. It was a Friday night, just after I had a Friday family dinner. I asked my friend to give me a ride to the center of Tel Aviv. It was already 11pm and we were quite tired. She was waiting for me in the car (finding a parking in Tel Aviv is crazy) and I ran with my camera to Dizingoff Square to take some night shots.

And this is one of them…

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