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Trunk; the World is a Fine Place

December 6, 2012

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While most of the Travel magazines are publishing either Winter Getaways vacations or things to do and see during the Holiday season these days, Trunk magazine is staying loyal to its purpose of ‘presenting an artful yet unvarnished look at how its writers and photographers travel’. 

The magazine is quite new. The Fall/Winter 2012 issue is just the third one, but the buzz and the excitements around it are quite high. I remember how curious I got when I first saw Trunk’s first issue few months ago, and how I was trying to find out who were the creative minds behind it.

David Cicconi, a former Photo director at Travel+Leisure, is the founder and creative director of Trunk. It definitely takes a lot of courage to start a new print magazine while the digital age is taking over, but it seems that for the beauty and aesthetic of Trunk images, only print will give it justice. To read an interview with David, talking about his magazine and his creative decisions, please read here and here.

I personally met David over a year ago. We met in a French coffee shop in Brooklyn and I asked him tons of questions. He is the one who helped me tremendously to come up with my initial Travel portfolio, and thanks to him, I got to understand better what the travel editors are looking for.

So if you are looking for a great gift to give yourselves or to others, or if you are travel buffs (like me) and want to indulge in a different kind of a travel magazine, do yourself a favor; get a copy of Trunk magazine or start with following it on facebook and twitter.

Because after all… the world IS a fine place…