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Picture is worth a 1000 Words

A picture is worth a 1000 words

September 25, 2011

Venice, Italy, Carnival, Travel, masks

“…Life is a carnival, you need to go on all the rides..”

Venice, Italy September 2011

I’ve spent only few hours in Venice and yet, manage to shoot so much in such a short time.

It seems that almost every other store in Venice sells these special masks and costumes for the well known Carnival of Venice, but CaDel Sol is one of the biggest one with a great variety. Stepping into this store is like stepping into a candy shop when you are five years old and you don’t know what to look for at first, and you don’t know what to choose. It really made me curious more about the Carnival. I haven’t been yet to a Venetian Carnival but this is definitely something on my ‘to do’ list one day.

And yes, Life is a Carnival. Not necessarily a Venetian one. And if we do tend to see our Life that way, so be better need to go on all the rides and not forget to enjoy them.