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    Featured in SisterMag Christmas Issue

    December 11, 2012

    The first time I’ve heard about sisterMAG was few months ago, when Saloona, a blog platform in Israel I am writing for, invited Thea and Toni Neubauer (aka Sister Magazine) to participate in a blogger conference in Israel.

    As I was not in Israel at that time, my girlfriend Einat from DesignBreak was telling me all about the Sisters and their doing. Since that time, I’ve started following Thea and Toni’s magazine, and was amazed how these two were putting together such a great product. With time, sisterMAG became more and more familiar to me. I remember Anne from Pret a Voyager posted some images from The Hive in Berlin with Thea and Toni, same as Lindsey, from Lost in Cheeseland. So even without meeting Thea and Toni in person, thanks to my colleagues bloggers, I felt as I know The Sisters.

    In my recent visit to Paris, Lindsey suggested I should contact sisterMAG and maybe contribute for their next issue. One thing led to another and I found myself writing a photographed article about Ospedale della Bambole, a hospital for dolls I’ve shot in my recent visit to Naples. The article is part of a series, The Crafters, which sisterMAG will probably continue in future issues.

    To read the full article, please press on the link and make sure you subscribe to the magazine or download it to your iPad.

    I’m so honored to have my story featured in the Christmas issue. 300 plus pages of great inspiration!

    Happy Holidays!

    SisterMag, Naples, Napoli, Ospedale della Bambole, Dolls

    SisterMag, Naples, Napoli, Ospedale della Bambole, Dolls

    SisterMag, Naples, Napoli, Ospedale della Bambole, Dolls

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