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Ho Chi Minn

    A Picture is worth a 1000 words

    March 26, 2013

    Ho Chi Minn, Travel, Vietnam, Saigon

    “…If you tell the Truth, you don’t have to remember anything…”

    Ho Chi Minn, Vietnam, February 2012

    This picture was taken on my second day in Ho Chi Minn. I was just walking around Ben Thanh Market when I saw those two sitting across each other, having (as it looked like) a conversation. I’ve noticed the distance between the two stools and I wondered if it was really a conversation, an argument, maybe a game they were playing. Maybe even some sort of treatment or a game they were playing.

    I didn’t want to come closer (even though I was very curious) as I didn’t want to interfere with their dynamics or change the balance. Sometimes, a photographer just need to capture a moment, and the rest is like ‘filling in the blanks’…

    What do you think they were talking about?


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