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When I met Aurelie, the Editor in Chief of Resource Magazine one afternoon in her office in Dumbo, I thought it was going to be just an introduction meeting. I never imagined Aurelie had better plans for me when she asked me to cover the story ‘Productions of the World; Tel Aviv’ for the Summer 2012 Edition. ‘I give you the full responsibility to cover the story’ she said ‘and I trust you get the best information to our readers’

The story ‘Productions of the World; Tel Aviv’ is everything a photographer should know in case he/she has a Fashion/Commercial/Editorial shoot in Tel Aviv. Here you can find where to rent your equipment, who are the top hair and make up artists, which hotel to stay, where are the trendiest bars, restaurants, night clubs, what to do in your down time (The beach, of course) and why Tel Aviv is THE place to be these days.

When people who have never been to Israel find out that I am originally from Tel Aviv, they tend to think I am from a provincial Middle Eastern city filled with slow-moving camels, armed soldiers and ancient Biblical monuments. I don’t even know where to begin to prove them wrong. 

Tel Aviv is in fact a stylish, modern Mediterranean Metropolis with chic and bustling cafes, an exciting culture scene, trendy boutiques and a roaring nightlife. But the real appeal of Tel Aviv is in its people, who love the good life. Ever-crowded cafes buzz with laughter and conversations almost 24/7, and crowds spill out of theaters, music halls and nightclubs late into the night. The city feels self-confident, even hedonistic at times, but it’s mostly simply alive. 

Tel Aviv has been developed tremendously in recent years-new high-rise buildings went up, while old buildings have been restored. The contrast of new vs. old, chic vs. conservative or local vs. international will make your visiting and shooting experience a successful and enjoyable one.

Welcome to my Hometown!

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Tel Aviv, Israel, Resource Magazine

Tel Aviv, Israel, Resource Magazine

Tel Aviv, Israel, Resource Magazine

Tel Aviv, Israel, Resource Magazine

Tel Aviv, Israel, Resource Magazine


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