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Intimacy Under the Wires


Artfully Dry; My Laundry Project is now featured in Easy Homemade Magazine, Germany


I love it when magazines from different countries and aspects find an interest in my on going Laundry Project ‘Intimacy Under the Wires’. Whether these are Photography Magazines, Travel Magazines, Art, or Home related ones, it is always an honor for me and an evidence that people feel related to this matter. My recent feature is (believe it or not) in Einfach Hausgemacht, (Easy Homemade) a Home and Kitchen Magazine, published in Germany.

‘…For us it is everyday life, for Sivan Askayo it means Art: The young Israeli photographs clotheslines. In Argentina, Spain, Vietnam – Everywhere in the world. But what is the reason? ‘Einfach Hausgemacht’ asked why”

“The travel photographer has her origins in Tel Aviv and lives in New York right now. She is a student and assistant teacher at International Center of Photography (ICP). In New York she also did her masters in Marketing and Advertising”


The Laundry of the French Riviera


When I am not traveling on assignment, I often choose my travel destination from a picture I see of a place or an object. A picture that fuels my curiosity. It happened to me for Buenos Aires, where I traveled for a picture of a great Street Art mural. It happened to me for Hoi An Vietnam, where I traveled for a picture of the Full Moon in Tet Festival. It happened to me in Naples, where I traveled especially to shoot hanging laundry. And it happened to me in Menton in the French Riviera, for a picture of laundry hanging outside a yellow colored  house. (Thanks Millie Brown for your blog).

I am always in search of interesting areas and locations to shoot laundry as part of my on going personal photography project Intimacy under the Wires and when I saw that picture of laundry in the French Riviera, I knew it had to be my next destination.

So here I am. After an intense shoot in Paris, both for the Patisserie Guide to Paris and the food shoot of Rue du Nil, I have decided to take a train down south and search for French Laundry in Nice, Menton, Villefranch Sur Mer and Cap Ferrat.

Sivan Askayo-Menton Laundry-1-4

Sivan Askayo-Menton Laundry-1-5

Sivan Askayo-Menton Laundry-1

Sivan Askayo-Menton Laundry-1-2

Sivan Askayo-Menton Laundry-1-6



Life on the Line; My laundry project is now featured in The New Review of The Independent UK on Sunday


Laundry, Intimacy under the Wires

I was so thrilled the other day to get an email from the Photo Editor of the New Review magazine, part of  The Independent on Sunday.

‘I’ve seen your project “Intimacy Under the Wires” and I thought it wold be good for our Portfolio section which is a double page spread in the mag featuring photography’ she wrote me and I couldn’t hide my excitement. I emailed one of my London friends right away to make sure The Independent is a well respected magazine, and more over, to let him know to be on the look out from now on.

The day after I got a list of questions from one the writers and my Portfolio was scheduled to be published on Sunday, November 24.

To read the full interview with me and also find out my age (yes, they mentioned that) you can see here.

To see the highlights of ‘Intimacy Under the Wires’ project, you can find here on my website.




My Mailer is Featured in PhotoShelter


I love PhotoShelter on line guides. In fact, I keep following and downloading them on my computer to learn more from this great on line photography community.

I was honored to be mentioned in the recent guide ‘Creating a Successful Photography Portfolio’ with the mailer I send out to Photo Editors. You can read all about it under the section; 5 Tips for Going Beyond the Portfolio Review, by Frank Meo, from the Photo Closer.

Tip no. 4: Follow up, send targeted, exceptional mailer, Frank mentions my mailer and says:

“Sivan Askayo did a photo essay of people hanging their laundry around the world, and you can imagine what they look like; a young girl’s ballerina outfit hanging on a beautiful pink wall etc. To set herself apart, she focused on the packaging of her photos themselves. She printed postcard-sized images, boxed them and wrapped the box with rope, swatches of clothes and tiny clothespins. What a beautiful mailer. It cost her $15-$20 a piece with the prints, clips and the box, so she sent them only to select people. 

You have to really target; Don’t send mailers to everybody. This shows that you peeled back the onion and you know who deserves it. It’s all about whether or not you connected on that first date” 

Photo Shelter, Intimacy under the Wires, Laundry project


The Hanging Stories of Naples


Intimacy under the wires, laundry, Italy, Naples, Napoli

‘You have to go to Naples’ 

This is what every body who saw or heard about my on-going photography project ‘Intimacy Under the Wires‘ kept telling me.

So I did.

I did go to Naples. And it didn’t disappoint. On the contrary. It was a heavenly place for my shoot and a tremendous landmark for my project.

Walking in the narrow streets under the crumbling balconies of old colorful buildings, keeping my head up and my camera always ‘on’, was an amazing visual experience. I couldn’t keep my head down, not for a minute, not to miss any shooting opportunity but to keep following the cloth- lines as they ran from one balcony to another.

I booked a private tour guide in advance, to make sure I visit the tiniest streets and the more dangerous areas so I could be free to shoot Laundry. Marina, who was born and raised in Naples and is very proud to be called a native Neapolitan, took me to Via Forcella in the Forcella district, where the Camorra (Naples’ Mafia) clans rule. And so, a sense of urgency and danger accompanied my shooting experience. (I loved it!)

When we got to the entrance of Via Forcella, Marina stopped and said; ‘This is where GOD is’. She looked at me to make sure I understood what she meant and continued: ‘I find GOD in human beings. and this is where we hang our clothes…This is where the hanging clothes and the hanging stories of the Neapolitans exist’ 

She urged me to be quick with my shoot (‘because it is not a safe place’, she said) and I took a deep breath to overcome of my sense of apprehension and got my camera ready.

This is just a hint of what I have found.

Intimacy under the wires, laundry, Italy, Naples, Napoli

Intimacy under the wires, laundry, Italy, Naples, Napoli

Intimacy under the wires, laundry, Italy, Naples, Napoli

Intimacy under the wires, laundry, Italy, Naples, Napoli

Intimacy under the wires, laundry, Italy, Naples, Napoli

Intimacy under the wires, laundry, Italy, Naples, Napoli

Intimacy under the wires, laundry, Italy, Naples, Napoli

Intimacy under the wires, laundry, Italy, Naples, Napoli

Intimacy under the wires, laundry, Italy, Naples, Napoli

Intimacy under the wires, laundry, Italy, Naples, Napoli

Intimacy under the wires, laundry, Italy, Naples, Napoli

Intimacy under the wires, laundry, Italy, Naples, Napoli


Featured in Resource Magazine


resource magazine, laundry project, photography, intimacy under the wires

Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans….

This sentence basically sums up what led me to become a photographer.

I got quite excited today to find an interview I did for Resource Magazine few months ago, published in today’s blog, under the category of Image Makers. I met with Janet Alexander one rainy morning over a cup of coffee when she wanted to hear how I became a photographer and how my laundry project ‘Intimacy Under the Wires‘ started.

To see more of my Laundry project, please check my ‘Intimacy Under the Wires’ category

To read my article about Tel Aviv; Production of the World in Resource Magazine Summer 2012, please check here.



Featured in AI-AP Pro Photo Daily Blog


There is nothing more rewarding for a photographer than to be mentioned in one of the most prestigious photography blogs, Pro Photo Daily, part of AI-AP organization.

Pro Photo Daily is run and managed by David Schonauer, and it is all about ‘Inspirational work and insightful news and opinions’ regarding photography.

I met David on July 3rd. While half the New Yorkers were fleeting the city to go for a holiday, I found David working quite around the clock in his midtown office. The initial meeting was actually to show him some of my work from Buenos Aires, but while I was showing him my portfolio, he got curious about my laundry images I took. I found myself telling him more about my on going project ‘Intimacy under the Wires’ and David got intrigued. One thing led to another and David suggested to write about it in the blog.

To read the full article, please check this link.

Thanks David for this great opportunity.

intimacy under the wires, AI AP, Pro Photo Daily, Laundry Project


Featured in Le Cool Lisboa


Le cool Lisboa, Lisbon, Portugal, Travel, Laundry, Intimacy under the Wires

I spent only 48 hours in Lisbon and yet, I managed to do, see and shoot so many things.

Especially Laundry! 

I’m really excited and honored my on going photography project ‘Intimacy under the Wires’ grabbed the attention of the Editor of Le Cool Lisboa that he has decided to feature one of my laundry images on the cover of the magazine (issue *348) and also interview me about it. If you know Portuguese, here is the interview.

The week after I was also surprised to find another image on the cover of the magazine (issue *349) in which I am talking about the Love signs on the walls of Lisbon.

Le Cool Lisboa, Travel, Lisbon, Portugal

Le Cool Magazine is a free weekly magazine distributed every Thursday that features a selection of cultural events and leisure activities, revealing the things you really shouldn’t miss. The magazine filters out, among other things, the best art, film, music, and club nights, as well as a careful selection of extraordinary bars, restaurants and other fine places. Le Cool is featured in Barcelona, Budapest, Dublin, Istanbul, London, Lisbon, Madrid, Paris, Rome and Vienna.


Lust Magazine, Summer Edition


intimacy under the wires, laundry, lust summer

I knew it was going to be a LUST Summer, when the Editor in Chief at Sanoma Media magazines in Antwerp, Belgium emailed me one day on May and asked me about my ‘Intimacy under the Wires’ project. Apparently, he saw my project featured in Feature Shoot and loved it. One thing led to another and I’ve been offered to be featured in a 5-double spread story in the Lust, Summer edition, July 2012. LUST is a new Belgian (Flemish) ‘Summer Magazine’ with reportage, literature, photography, fashion, lifestyle, and a lot of travel. In case you read the language or visiting the Nordic part of Europe, LUST is the perfect guide for a Hot Summer.


Laundry Galore in Lisbon, Portugal


Lisbon, Portugal, Laundry, Intimacy under the Wires

I am already getting used to all the suspicious looks from people, when they see me standing under laundry wires, pointing my camera up or kneeling down to get a better angle. Deep down I keep telling myself that if they had known what I was looking for or what I was working on, they wouldn’t have given me these looks or maybe they would have understood me. But on the other hand, I can’t blame them; A photographer who is standing under laundry wires waiting for the breeze, is not a common view. I was visiting Lisbon for two days for a shoot, and during my free time, I was looking for laundry, so I could add and expand my ‘Intimacy under the Wires’ collection. It wasn’t hard to find. I was walking in the narrow streets and alleys of Alfama and Bairro Alto, and could easily spot laundry on wires. It really made me smile. And as for the suspicious looks I kept getting from the locals? I guess I have to get used to it, or just smile back.

Lisbon, Portugal, Laundry, Intimacy under the Wires

Lisbon, Portugal, Laundry, Intimacy under the Wires

Lisbon, Portugal, Laundry, Intimacy under the Wires

Lisbon, Portugal, Laundry, Intimacy under the Wires

Lisbon, Portugal, Laundry, Intimacy under the Wires

Lisbon, Portugal, Laundry, Intimacy under the Wires

Lisbon, Portugal, Laundry, Intimacy under the Wires

Lisbon, Portugal, Laundry, Intimacy under the Wires

Lisbon, Portugal, Laundry, Intimacy under the Wires


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