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Intimacy Under the Wires

    Artfully Dry; My Laundry Project is now featured in Easy Homemade Magazine, Germany

    July 26, 2014

    I love it when magazines from different countries and aspects find an interest in my on going Laundry Project ‘Intimacy Under the Wires’. Whether these are Photography Magazines, Travel Magazines, Art, or Home related ones, it is always an honor for me and an evidence that people feel related to this matter. My recent feature is (believe it or not) in Einfach Hausgemacht, (Easy Homemade) a Home and Kitchen Magazine, published in Germany.

    ‘…For us it is everyday life, for Sivan Askayo it means Art: The young Israeli photographs clotheslines. In Argentina, Spain, Vietnam – Everywhere in the world. But what is the reason? ‘Einfach Hausgemacht’ asked why”

    “The travel photographer has her origins in Tel Aviv and lives in New York right now. She is a student and assistant teacher at International Center of Photography (ICP). In New York she also did her masters in Marketing and Advertising”

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    The Laundry of the French Riviera

    When I am not traveling on assignment, I often choose my travel destination from a picture I see of a place or an object. A picture that fuels my curiosity. It happened to me…

    March 29, 2014
  • My Mailer is Featured in PhotoShelter

    I love PhotoShelter on line guides. In fact, I keep following and downloading them on my computer to learn more from this great on line photography community. I was honored to be mentioned in…

    April 24, 2013
  • The Hanging Stories of Naples

    ‘You have to go to Naples’  This is what every body who saw or heard about my on-going photography project ‘Intimacy Under the Wires‘ kept telling me. So I did. I did go to…

    September 16, 2012
  • Featured in Resource Magazine

    Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans…. This sentence basically sums up what led me to become a photographer. I got quite excited today to find an interview I did…

    September 5, 2012
  • Featured in AI-AP Pro Photo Daily Blog

    There is nothing more rewarding for a photographer than to be mentioned in one of the most prestigious photography blogs, Pro Photo Daily, part of AI-AP organization. Pro Photo Daily is run and managed…

    August 17, 2012
  • Featured in Le Cool Lisboa

    I spent only 48 hours in Lisbon and yet, I managed to do, see and shoot so many things. Especially Laundry!  I’m really excited and honored my on going photography project ‘Intimacy under the…

    July 11, 2012
  • Lust Magazine, Summer Edition

    I knew it was going to be a LUST Summer, when the Editor in Chief at Sanoma Media magazines in Antwerp, Belgium emailed me one day on May and asked me about my ‘Intimacy under…

    July 4, 2012
  • Laundry Galore in Lisbon, Portugal

    I am already getting used to all the suspicious looks from people, when they see me standing under laundry wires, pointing my camera up or kneeling down to get a better angle. Deep down…

    June 8, 2012