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March 2014

    The Laundry of the French Riviera

    March 29, 2014

    When I am not traveling on assignment, I often choose my travel destination from a picture I see of a place or an object. A picture that fuels my curiosity. It happened to me for Buenos Aires, where I traveled for a picture of a great Street Art mural. It happened to me for Hoi An Vietnam, where I traveled for a picture of the Full Moon in Tet Festival. It happened to me in Naples, where I traveled especially to shoot hanging laundry. And it happened to me in Menton in the French Riviera, for a picture of laundry hanging outside a yellow colored  house. (Thanks Millie Brown for your blog).

    I am always in search of interesting areas and locations to shoot laundry as part of my on going personal photography project Intimacy under the Wires and when I saw that picture of laundry in the French Riviera, I knew it had to be my next destination.

    So here I am. After an intense shoot in Paris, both for the Patisserie Guide to Paris and the food shoot of Rue du Nil, I have decided to take a train down south and search for French Laundry in Nice, Menton, Villefranch Sur Mer and Cap Ferrat.

    Sivan Askayo-Menton Laundry-1-4

    Sivan Askayo-Menton Laundry-1-5

    Sivan Askayo-Menton Laundry-1

    Sivan Askayo-Menton Laundry-1-2

    Sivan Askayo-Menton Laundry-1-6


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