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Shamenet Magazine July Issue


A photographed production I shot for Basic Studio and Erlboim Catering on April when I was visiting Israel. The article is now published in Shamenet Magazine, July Summer Issue in Israel.

I love those kinds of productions; A perfect combination of Marine eco chic design and appetizing food with a greek mediterranean touch

Basic Studio is located in an old train car, which is tucked away in the middle of an olive grow in Udim village. After I finished shooting the Studio and interviewing the owners, we pulled out some chairs and a large table to set them outside, and enjoy the delicious Mediterranean food cooked for us by the chef itself, Yahav Erlboim.

Lifestyle, Design, Israel, Basic Studio

Life style, Design, Basic Studio, Israel


Rooftops Obsession


Travel, Rooftop, Photography, Madrid

When I travel to a new place, there are few things I make sure to look for and find (The rest I leave for serendipity): An area where I can find great graffiti and street Art, an area where I can find people hanging their laundry outdoors and the best view of the city.

There is nothing like walking all day in the streets of a new place and then (usually at the end of the day just before sunset) climbing up a mountain, a hill, a tall tower, a bridge, the 43rd floor (in case of Manhattan) the 6th floor (in case of Montmartre in Paris) or anything that helps you see the city in a whole new different perspective. When you are up, overlooking the city, you no longer hear the traffic in the streets (you just see the cars), you don’t see the people in eye level and you don’t smell the street vendor’s food, the smoke or anything else.

It is a sort of serenity. a state of mind. (and an important addition for a Travel Portfolio)

Here are some rooftops locations from Madrid, Barcelona, Bologna, Rome, Florence, Buenos Aires, Lisbon, Paris and Manhattan. If you have more recommendations, please send me a message.

Travel, Rooftop, Photography, Barcelona

Travel, Rooftop, Photography, Barcelona

Rooftop, Travel, Photography, Bologna

Rooftop, Travel, Photography, Roma

Rooftop, Travel, Photography, Florence

Rooftop, Travel, Photography, Florence

Rooftop, Travel, Photography, Buenos Aires

Rooftop, Travel, Photography, Lisbon

Rooftop, Travel, Photography, Lisbon

Rooftop, Travel, Photography, Paris

Paris, France, a room with a view, Travel, Rooftop

Rooftop, Travel, Photography, Paris

Rooftop, Travel, Photography, Paris

Rooftop, Travel, Photography, New York

Rooftop, Travel, Photography, New York

Few days after I wrote this post, I was chosen by Easy Jet Holidays as one of their Bloggers of the month as they chose to feature this post on their website. Check it out and some other great inspiring bloggers.


Kiss and Tel Aviv; Summer in the City


Tel Aviv, Israel, Travel, Kiss, Beach, Summer, Middle east

Lately, I’m being asked a lot about Tel Aviv.

Actually, since the ’60 minutes’ story on BBC, From Fear to Fortune, was broadcasted on May 20th and featured Tel Aviv as a lively and hedonistic city, there has been an increased interest in Tel Aviv. The city has developed tremendously in recent years; New high rise buildings were built alongside old ones that are being restored. Chic and trendy outdoors cafes, boutique hotels, gourmet restaurants, fashionable boutiques, bakeries, bars, dance bars, an exciting night life scene, new museums, parks, beaches and simply lively people, make the city into an attractive one not only among Israelis but among tourists as well.

As someone who has been living in New York for the last 10 years, every time I come to Tel Aviv for a visit, I am amazed by the endless stream of energy the city has to offer and how fast it changes. Yes, it is true, as Israelis we live in a constant fear of any terror attack or any imbalance in our daily life, but maybe because of that, we have adopted an hedonistic way of living, a way of ‘Here and Now’ because we don’t know what tomorrow will bring.

If you are heading to Tel Aviv this summer (mind you, it is very humid and hot) or if you are planning any getaway sometimes soon, here is some basic information you should know.

Neve Tzedek: The city oldest neighbourhood is a colorful oasis with an atmosphere that evokes an artists’ colony or a small village. Spotted with colored old houses next to remodeled ones. Lots of great restaurants, wine bars and the Suzanne Dellal Center for Dance is there as well. Beautiful both day and night.

Tel Aviv, Israel, Travel, Summer, Kiss and Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv, Israel, Travel, Summer

Tel Aviv, Israel, Travel, Summer, Kiss and Tel Aviv

Hatachana Compound: Is a renovated area next to Neve Tzedek, where the old train between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem used to pass. Now the area is a home for outdoors restaurants and wine bars, designers’ boutiques and gallery space for exhibitions and fashion shows

Tel Aviv, Israel, Summer, Kiss and Tel Aviv, Travel

Tel Aviv, Israel, Travel, Summer

Rothschild Blvd: Is a real gem of Bauhaus architecture. A tree-lined boulevard with old trees, lined with benches and dotted with outdoor coffee kiosks  and some chess tables. This is one of the most charming places to stroll, bicycle and hang out. Along the boulevard, there are numerous historical buildings, which have been renovated lately but still maintain the look and the feel of colonial buildings. The Blvd starts at the outskirts of Neve Tzedek and ends at Habima Theater, the national theater of Israel.

Tel Aviv, Israel, Summer, Travel, Kiss and Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv, Israel, Travel, Summer, Kiss and Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv, Israel, Travel, Summer, Kiss and Tel Aviv

Yavne-Montifiore: This area is where the retro and the Bauhaus Architecture meet. It is also known as ‘off Rothschild Blvd’  and the side streets. There is a mix of old crumbling buildings being renovated with great boutique hotels and upscale restaurants. This is one of my favorite areas, mostly for its great photography potential and because I love the architecture and the colorful renovated buildings. Take a peek at one of the most interesting furniture store Rugine. Something to get some inspiration from.

Tel Aviv, Israel, Travel Summer

Tel Aviv, Israel, Travel, Summer, Kiss and Tel Aviv

The Carmel Market (Shuk Hacarmel) and Kerem Hateymanim: The Carmel Market is the largest outdoors market in Tel Aviv which sells everything from toiletries, clothes, meat, fruit and vegetables and some delicatessen cheese. Kerem Hateymanim is a small neighbourhood named after the immigrants from Yamen. In recent years this small crumbling neighbourhood was discovered by bohemian Tel Avivians looking for some inexpensive housing. These days there are lots of boutique hotels and upscale restaurants even in the middle of the Market.

Jaffa ancient Port and the Flea Market: Are both picturesque and colorful locations. The old part of Jaffa includes the ancient port, some historic sites, restored housing dating back to the Ottoman period and some upscale restaurants, galleries and boutiques. The flea market is buzzing especially during the weekdays and crowded with some interesting characters, deals and steals.

Tel Aviv, Israel, Travel, Summer, Kiss and Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv, Israel, Travel, Summer, Kiss and Tel Aviv

The Beach: If you want to escape the craziness of the city and unwind for a bit or breath some fresh salty air, head West toward the Mediterranean Sea. There is no better way to clear your thoughts than staring at the ocean. Tel Aviv beaches are well equipped with plastic beach chairs, wide beach umbrellas, restaurants and of course lifeguards stations. More info about Tel Aviv beaches 

Tel Aviv, Israel, Travel, Summer

Tel Aviv, Israel, Travel, Summer


Tel Aviv, Israel, Travel, Summer

A Bit of Culture: Here are some of my favorite places I go and check out when I visit Tel Aviv. The Tel Aviv Museum of Art, (check out the new addition of the museum) The Helena Rubinstein Pavilion for Contemporary ArtDiaspora Museum Tel AvivEretz Israel MuseumSuzanne Dellal Center for DanceThe Israel Philharmonic OrchestraThe Israel Opera Tel Aviv Yafo and The Felicja Blumental Music Center. I wouldn’t skip some galleries spaces such as Baad Gallery, Gordon Gallery 2 (the new edition to Gordon Gallery) Tempo Rubato Gallery , ArtStation and the newest loft of Art, Feinberg Projects.

Tel Aviv, Israel, Travel, Summer, Kiss and Tel Aviv

Eat, Sleep and Drink: By the next time I be in Tel Aviv (September) there will be so many new places that has been recently opened; Bars and restaurants, bistro bars, bakeries and cafes to hang out, new galleries, urban spaces and boutique hotels. It is not easy to keep up with that rhythm of the city and yet, I hope this list will help you find your tempo and way in the city.

Recommended Hotels: Tel Aviv, and especially the quiet neighbourhood of Neve Tzedek are spotted with a lot of small boutique hotels that offer a great local experience. Please check online for availability and price range: Most of the following are boutique hotels; Hotel MontefioreThe VarsanoNina Cafe HotelNeve Tzedek HotelArt Plus HotelBrown Tel Aviv, and the recent edition Townhouse Tel Aviv.

Recommended Restaurants: Tel Aviv and Jaffa are filled with great restaurants varies from all kinds of Mediterranean food, seafood, Italian and more. With these restaurants you can’t go wrong; Coffee Bar Yad Haruzim Manta RayOh YonaDr. Shakshuka,  Catit,  ContainerMessaKitchen Market and Delicatessen.

City Guides you don’t want to miss: City Guide Tel Aviv (English and French version) and a city map by The Selected you don’t want to leave your house without it!

One thing to remember though; Don’t worry if the locals don’t smile at you very often. They are not being snobbish or cold, but just cool, in the fashionable sense. They warm up very quickly.



Window or Aisle: Greg Finck


Travel, Bali, Window or Aisle, Greg Finck

Do you know the feeling of recognizing a photographer for one aspect of his work, and then discovering something new about him? A real delight! This is exactly how I felt when I asked Greg Finck to participate in Window or Aisle.

I knew Greg mostly for his beautiful Wedding Photography, as I keep following his posts on facebook and on his website and blog, amazed by the way he captures these French couples.

With the perfect back drop of a Parisian street or a French country side, his images of Wedding photography look like a scene from a French movie, seriously! I love the romantic feel in his pictures and I keep telling Greg that if I ever get engaged or married in Paris, he will be the one to capture it with his camera.

I was lucky to meet Greg in person. In one of my previous visits to Paris we met for a drink one afternoon in one of my favorite areas of Paris; down the hill of the Pantheon, overlooking Jardin du Luxembourg. Greg knows all the right locations in Paris and he can tell you when is the perfect time of the day to go there and take pictures. I followed some of his tips and found some new locations in the city of light.

For my column Window or Aisle? I asked Greg to share some of his recent travel shots. He just got back from Bali and captured it so well, that one can tell how much thought and passion Greg puts into his photography, whether it is a Wedding session or a Travel one. Looking at his blog is a real inspiration.

You don’t want to miss it.

Merci Greg!

Where are you from? I’m a French wedding photographer living in Paris, France. I’ve always loved wedding photography as it gives me the opportunity to live a unique moment in the life of two persons and to capture emotions I’m really sensitive to. A real blessing when you live in the world’s most romantic city!

Where did you study photography? Actually I didn’t study photography at school as it has been a passion since childhood and I kind of learned on the job. I always try to improve myself by reading books, following photographers who inspire me, or wandering in Paris streets to still more apprehend light, but I don’t have any academic degrees. Even though photographers need to master some basics, wedding photography needs to come from the heart first and to me, that cannot be taught at school!

What made you want to learn it? As a kid, I grew up by observing the world more than interacting with it. I never read any book but could spend hours looking at drawings or photos. I exclusively have a visual memory and some photos can mark me forever. So that’s something I’ve always wanted to do: capture people through the lens and retrace their emotions, fears or feelings. As years go by, I think I may still be more exposed to emotions, and that’s something I try to convey via my camera. To me a photograph is much more than just a picture.

If you weren’t a photographer, what would you do? I’m a photographer but photography is not my primary job. That’s a passion I do in parallel of a corporate job. Photography has become a major part of my personal balance, just like sport can be to some people. It really heals me and I need it!

Where do you get your inspiration from? I always arrive on a new wedding as it was the first one. I don’t want to compromise and photograph on the basis of certain habits, as it kills inspiration to me. I want to propose the best possible images to my couples so I try to inspire myself from the place, the mood, the love around, and I just let the flow do the rest. Once again, I really believe that wedding photography must come from the heart.

Where do you get your inspiration from? L.O.V.E. Period. Whether it is on a wedding, with a couple in the streets of Paris, or with kids playing… I love to photograph where there is love.

What are you working on right now? I am currently working on my 2012 wedding season, which lasts until end October. This implies covering a wedding every week-end and editing the rest of the week. Besides, I meet couples to book my 2013 wedding agenda… Tough period, but I just love it!

Window or Aisle? Window. I love to look at the sky, the clouds, and sometimes the incredible chains of mountains you can observe from a plane. People can wait long hours to climb to the top of the Eiffel Tower but some don’t look by the windows of a plane. I don’t get it.

Travel, Bali, Window or Aisle, Greg Finck

Travel, Bali, Window or Aisle, Greg Finck

Travel, Bali, Window or Aisle, Greg Finck

Travel, Bali, Window or Aisle, Greg Finck

Travel, Bali, Window or Aisle, Greg Finck

Travel, Bali, Window or Aisle, Greg Finck

Travel, Bali, Window or Aisle, Greg Finck


My Express Travel Guide to Lisbon; Where to Stay, Shop, Sip, Party and Eat


Truth is, I’ve been wanting to visit Lisbon for a while now. In fact, last year around April, I was talking with a friend about visiting Lisbon for my Birthday. While I found myself in a different place on my Birthday last year, I actually made it to Lisbon THIS year, few days before my Birthday. I was there only for 48 hours; a really express stay as some may say, but thanks to some insiders precious tips and sleeping only four hours a night, I managed to do and see quite a lot.

I am drawn to Lisbon mostly because it is a mix of a European city with a Mediterranean climate.

It is a very laid back city, sometimes even provincial, and its compact size makes it relatively easy to navigate. Just take the legendary tram no. 28, and you can see all the touristic attractions in one day or two.

Rumors have it that the city has started to wake up recently and becoming more alive, so I figured I had to check it by myself.

Here is my express guide to Lisbon; Where to Stay, Shop, Sip, Party and Eat.

Stay: Hotel Gat Rossio 

Lisbon, Portugal, Travel, Hotel Gat Rossaio

Lisbon, Portugal, Travel, Hotel Gat Rossaio

When I travel, I am always looking for these cute little places to stay in. I’m not looking for grand hotels with red carpets or velvet ropes. It is not my style. Especially not when I am traveling for work. All I need is a comfortable bed, warm shower, free Wi-Fi, a lot of light, friendly staff and a good breakfast. I found it all and more in the Gat Rossio hotel, part of the GatRooms hotel chain in Europe.

In fact, it was my sister who recommended me on the hotel (It is usually the other way around) as she stayed there on her honeymoon a few years ago. ‘They have a really good breakfast buffet’ she told me ‘and a spacious roof deck where you can eat your breakfast’ she added ‘and the staff are so helpful and friendly’. I didn’t have to look further. I loved the clean design, the simplicity and functionality of the space and of course, the great breakfast room where everyone gathered to sit around long tables, enjoying fruits and pasteis de nata, the well-known Portuguese cakes.

Hotel Gat Rossio, Rua do Jardim do Regedor nº 27-35 e Travessa do Forno nº 9-13. Lisboa

Shop: A Vida Portuguesa 

Lisbon, Portugal, Travel, a Vida Portugesa

Lisbon, Portugal, Travel, a Vida Portugesa

When I am in New York, I love shopping in Anthropologie. It is sort of my ‘go-to’ store for design and inspiration for everything that has to do with my tiny apartment. In Lisbon I found the Portuguese equivalent in A Vida Portuguesaan eclectic store that holds only Portuguese brands and products for the home; from hand-made olive oil soaps to home decor, shoes, pantry, pastry, vintage posters, you name it. There is also an online store, but there is nothing like visiting the store and smelling the soaps and candles.

A Vida Portuguesa, Rua Anchieta 11, 1200-023 Chiado, Lisboa

Sip: KaffeeHaus 

Lisbon, Portugal, Travel, Cafe

Lisbon, Portugal, Travel, Cafe

It is not a secret that where ever I go and travel, I keep looking for the best coffee in town. Some addictions apparently are hard to be cured. I found KaffeeHaus by chance, while walking in the streets of Chiado area, known for its elegant, sophisticated theaters, bookshops, old-style cafes and luxurious international brand names clothing stores. Even though KaffeeHaus is far from being an old-fashioned typical Lisbon cafe (on the contrary, it has more of a Vienna style) I loved its design, the colorful posters on the walls and the young crowd. Nonchalant, relaxed atmosphere with great coffee and friendly easy going service. (One of the barmen is hard to miss)

KaffeeHaus, Rua Anchieta 3 Chiado, Lisboa 

Party: Pensão Amor

Portugal, Lisbon, Travel, Pensao Amor

Definitely the hottest spot in the city,  Pensão Amor, or ‘Guesthouse of Love’ is a chic boudoir style place in Cais do Sodré area, down the hills of Barrio Alto, the upper district in the city, also known also as the hub of night-life. It serves mostly as a bar that serves drinks and Peruvian food, decorated with frescos and endless images and art of nude women. Don’t skip the small bookstore at the back and the pole dance room, decorated with leopard and gold. Highly recommended to make reservations. The place is getting crowded quite fast.

Pensão Amor, Rua do Alecrim, 19, 1200-292 Lisboa

Eat: Martinho da Arcada

Lisbon, Portugal, Travel, Cafe

Martinho da Arcada is Lisbon’s mythological oldest cafe. Thanks to a friend’s recommendation, I passed through it just to experience the phenomenon and look inside. The cafe  was founded in 1778! as Café do Gelo (the Ice Cafe) and mostly sold beverages and ice. After having passed through the hands of a set of different owners, in the early nineteenth century it was called the Casa da Neve (the House of Snow) and sold ice cream to the best of Lisbon’s society. Only in 1845 it received its current name after its owner at that time, Martinho Bartolomeu Rodrigues, who turned it into one of the finest and most popular cafes in the city. Its history of over two centuries is closely linked to the social, political and cultural life of Lisbon. If you come for dinner, highly recommended to make reservations.

Martinho da Arcada, Praça do Comércio 3, 1100-148 Lisboa

Eat: Taberna Ideal 

Lisbon, Portugal, Travel, Design and Lifestyle, Taberna Ideal

Lisbon, Travel, Portugal, Taberna Ideal

I happened to meet one of the owners of Taberna Ideal, a young energetic Lisbonnaire girl, who is running three restaurants at once with another partner. I really liked the vintage feel of the space, but yet contemporary, the eclectic style and choice of furnitures together with the wall decoration, that made the place feel very earthy and welcoming. I liked the simplicity of the design, a checkered paper as a table mate for example. So simple and yet, so brilliant. The menu keeps the regional taste; tibornas, snacks, salads, main dishes and pans (free-range chicken with almonds, quail pie with sausage, cod au gratin with bread) and a large variety of wine. The atmosphere is young and hip and it is always crowded during dinners and weekends. Make sure you spend at least one meal there when you are visiting Santos-o-Velho neighborhood in Lisbon.

Taberna Ideal, Rua da Esperança, 112-114 1200 Lisboa 

Desert: Xocoa 

Xocoa, Lisbon, Portugal, Travel, Chocolate

A travel for me is not completed unless I find the best place to get chocolate, dark chocolate. I have this habit of looking for a good cup of coffee and the best chocolate in town. I found Xocoa while strolling one of the main streets in Baixa (I think it was rua Aurea) and the smell of the chocolate hit me that afternoon. I spotted the store sign and went right in. The highlight of Xocoa is chocolate bars covered with gummy bears and colorful candies; The owner of the store just told me it is their best seller. I bought a bunch of these to have as a snack while touring the city. All chocolate pralines are hand-made, with a Portuguese chocolate blend. Do not miss on that.

Xocoa, Rua do Crucifixo, 112-114, Baixa-Chiado,Lisboa

Lisbon offers a variety of good food in a good feel atmosphere all over. 48 hours are definitely not enough, but it left me with a taste for more. I will be back.


The Lisbonnaire Flair


Lisbon, Portugal, Travel

While I am having this Lisbon’s crush, here are some of my favorite images of the city that express the Lisbonnaire Flair as I call it and some essential information:

No matter how long you have spent or visited in Lisbon, there is always something new to discover and fall in love with. One rule of thumb when you visit the city- Don’t miss out an overview of Lisbon from one of the hills. Maybe you heard it before, but Lisbon is also called ‘The City of Seven Hills’ (even though there are more than seven). It is easy to navigate and locate yourself if you know on which hill you are standing;

São Jorge : Where the castle with the same name is still standing.

São Vicente : Where the São Vincente de Fora Monastery and the Alfama area stands.

Sant’Ana : Between Martim Moniz square and Rua Portas de Santo Antão  (São José Hospital)

Santo André : Largo / Miradouro da Graça is the top of this hill.

Chagas : At Largo do Carmo

Santa Catarina : Around Largo Camões, Bairro Alto

São Roque : Around Miradouro de São Pedro de Alcantara, Bairro Alto.

While the legendary Tram no.28 will take you up the hills of the city, I highly recommend to get off when you reach a hill peak and walk around the area. There is nothing like discovering the city by foot and interact with the locals.

Don’t skip on snacking on sardines. This is what makes Lisbon so special and known for. I ate some grilled sardines with mayonnaise on top (even though a local friend told me she never heard of such a combination) and it was delicious. I hardly eat sardines, but those I ate in Lisbon are completely different from the canned ones I know from home.

My two favorite districts in the city are Alfamaa maze of cobbled stones streets with old houses and old churches stretched down the hills of this historic quarter and Bairro AltoChiado which is mostly known as Lisbon’s night life quarter, and one of the up and coming popular neighborhood, with new hip boutiques, trendy restaurants alongside old fashioned ones.

Oh, and one more thing not to miss; Have a Ginjinha! It’s a cherry-berry liqueur the locals drink in small plastic cups. Better hang out at Cafe ‘A Ginjinha’ in Largo de São Domingos 8 which became a tourist attraction.

There is no better way to end a busy day by having this Portuguese drink and feel like a real local.

Lisbon, Portugal, Travel

Travel, Lisbon, Portugal

Travel, Lisbon, Portugal

Travel, Lisbon, Portugal

Travel, Lisbon, Portugal

Travel, Lisbon, Portugal

Travel, Lisbon, Portugal

Travel, Lisbon, Portugal

Travel, Lisbon, Portugal

Travel, Lisbon, Portugal

Travel, Lisbon, Portugal

Travel, Lisbon, Portugal



Window or Aisle: Etienne Bossot


Travel, Window or Aisle, Vietnam, Hanoi, Hoian, Etienne Bossot

There are not a lot of guys who will make me want to get out of my bed at 4:30 am! Not to mention when I am away from home, in a cute hotel in HoiAn, Vietnam.

But Etienne Bossot is one of them.

Last February I was in Vietnam for two weeks, looping around my schedule to make it on time for the Full Moon Festival in HoiAn on February 5th. I was rushing from Hanoi in the North to HoiAn in the Center, just to see the paper lanterns on the HoiAn river. Trust me, it was worth it!

The concierge in the hotel I was staying in heard I was a photographer, and one morning slipped a colorful flyer on my table while I was having breakfast. It was a HoiAn Sunrise photo tour in a fishermen village. The truth is that I was debating if to take the Sunrise photo tour or the Sunset photo tour because I didn’t really want to wake up that early. But after meeting Etienne for sweet-condense milk coffee in one of the cafes in HoiAn at the same day, he convinced me to take the Sunrise one! I thought to myself, where else in the World I can do it, if not there, right?

These days Etienne is busy launching more photo tours in NorthVietnam and North Laos and running some online tutorials. Looking at his website and all the great tours Etienne has to offer, makes me miss Vietnam and go visit again!

I’m really excited to have the opportunity to feature Etienne on Window or Aisle? and share with you some of his breath-taking images.

Thanks Etienne!

Where are you from? I am from Avignon in South of France.

Where did you study photography? I actually never studied photography. I moved to Vietnam over 5 years ago and it quickly stroke me that I was losing something, living here without a camera. The thing is that after I bought my first camera I caught the photography virus, a strong one, and it never left me!

What made you want to learn it or do it? The beauty of Vietnam and South East Asia, and mostly its people. Being stuck in the mud in a rice field, busy capturing a farmer in the setting sun… the world stops around me when I am busy doing things like that, and this is what makes me continue. I have also been teaching photography with workshops in HoiAn for  the past 2 years, so I have to be on top!

If you weren’t a photographer what would you do? I moved here selling wine to resorts… I would probably be doing some sales and marketing somewhere in Asia (being stuck in an office all day long, having a boss,…) hahaha.

Where do you get your inspiration from? I do spend a lot of time watching and following travel photographers I know and like. But what really inspires me and moves me is photojournalism. A dream I had when I started, becoming one. I know this is not what I do now, but I aways keep these styles of photos in mind when taking photos.

How do you usually approach a new project? It’s more something I find, see or hear about. I do not think I am mature enough to start a huge personal photo project that I will do until the end. I am also quite busy with the photo workshops here in HoiAn and launching the new tours in South East Asia… so I guess a personal photo project is something that will come to later.

What are you working on right now? Still editing wedding photos(…), and marketing the new tours in South East Asia.

Window or Aisle? Window of course, admiring the landscape and wishing I had my camera with me!

Travel, Window or Aisle, Etienne Bossot, Vietnam, HoiAn

Travel, Window or Aisle, Etienne Bossot, Vietnam, HoiAn

Travel, Window or Aisle, Etienne Bossot, Vietnam, HoiAn

Travel, Window or Aisle, Etienne Bossot, Vietnam, HoiAn

Travel, Window or Aisle, Etienne Bossot, Vietnam, HoiAn


Meet Me in the Bedroom; Pensão Amor


Pensao Amor, lisbon, Portugal, Nighlife

When I asked the concierge of the hotel I was staying in, what was the most popular place and bar to hang out in Lisbon, I didn’t know what to expect when he told me about Pensão Amor.

You have to go to Pensão Amor’ he said and winked as he was telling a secret, and wrote me the address on a piece of paper. ‘If you go there during the weekend’ he said ‘be prepared to wait in a long line outside, but it is worth the wait’ he smiled.

Luckily, it wasn’t the weekend yet, but Thursday evening and I jumped into a cab up the hills of Bairro Alto, toward Cais do Sodré area. The cab driver dropped me in Rua Nova do Carvalho at the entrance of Pensão Amor and winked as well. Apparently, Rua Nova do Carvalho used to be the ‘red-light-district’ area in Lisbon for decades. In recent years it has been transformed and became one of the most hip and trendy streets in Lisbon, lined with hip bars and clubs that become crowded after 2AM when the bars in the legendary area Bairro Alto start to close.

I knew I was in the right place.

But what I didn’t know was what to expect when I got inside.

It used to be a cheap pension with rooms rented by the hour to prostitutes and their clients in that area. Pensão Amor, or ‘Guesthouse of Love’ is now a chic place of five floors; In the first floor you can find the bar that serves drinks and Peruvian food, a small bookstore with erotic books and literature and a pole dance room decorated with leopard and gold. Someone just told me that Pole dance workshops are held here to learn the tricks of seduction…In the other floors you can find a boutique that sells sexy lingerie and some vintage clothing and a trendy hair salon. Don’t forget to visit the restrooms; neon lights are all over!


I loved the decoration of the place and every room is different than the other. The ceilings of this former ’guesthouse’ are painted with frescoes, some walls are covered with mirrors, paintings and old posters, and some rooms might be too dark to notice anything. If you visit Lisbon and look for a trendy and relaxed atmosphere to hang out, I highly recommend this place. You will not get bored, for sure.

Pensao Amor, Lisbon, Portugal, Nightlife

Pensao Amor, Lisbon, Portugal, Travel, Nightlife

pensao amor, lisbon, Portugal, Travel, Nightlife



Featured in Femmelist


Some guys have the ‘black list’ (well, some of us women have it too) but mostly we have the Femmelist. Femmelist is (and this is what I copied from the blog itself) an inspiring blog about women who are succeeding at being amazing. Musicians, fashionistas, globetrotters, artists, film directors, painters, designers, writers, bloggers, photographers, or just plain awesome, these are FemmeListas. Women who break the mold, propose new ways of life and create paths out of dead-ends.  Femmelist attempts to be an ‘online catalogue’ of amazing femmes, somewhere to get inspiration and find real role models.

The woman behind Femmelist is an inspiration herself. Lia!

She started this blog after doing research on women for her Anthropology studies and worked at Columbia University. The blog continued out of a personal interest and now has a life of its own. It serves as an inspiration for others who truly happy when women make it, as Lia says.

I love her definition for making it; Making it is when we do what we love and try to do our best while at it.  I’m so excited to make it on that criteria, and moreover, make it to the Femmelist, with so many others inspiring women like those I met and know and those I want to meet.

Thanks Lia!



Resource Magazine, Summer Edition. Productions of the World; Tel Aviv


When I met Aurelie, the Editor in Chief of Resource Magazine one afternoon in her office in Dumbo, I thought it was going to be just an introduction meeting. I never imagined Aurelie had better plans for me when she asked me to cover the story ‘Productions of the World; Tel Aviv’ for the Summer 2012 Edition. ‘I give you the full responsibility to cover the story’ she said ‘and I trust you get the best information to our readers’

The story ‘Productions of the World; Tel Aviv’ is everything a photographer should know in case he/she has a Fashion/Commercial/Editorial shoot in Tel Aviv. Here you can find where to rent your equipment, who are the top hair and make up artists, which hotel to stay, where are the trendiest bars, restaurants, night clubs, what to do in your down time (The beach, of course) and why Tel Aviv is THE place to be these days.

When people who have never been to Israel find out that I am originally from Tel Aviv, they tend to think I am from a provincial Middle Eastern city filled with slow-moving camels, armed soldiers and ancient Biblical monuments. I don’t even know where to begin to prove them wrong. 

Tel Aviv is in fact a stylish, modern Mediterranean Metropolis with chic and bustling cafes, an exciting culture scene, trendy boutiques and a roaring nightlife. But the real appeal of Tel Aviv is in its people, who love the good life. Ever-crowded cafes buzz with laughter and conversations almost 24/7, and crowds spill out of theaters, music halls and nightclubs late into the night. The city feels self-confident, even hedonistic at times, but it’s mostly simply alive. 

Tel Aviv has been developed tremendously in recent years-new high-rise buildings went up, while old buildings have been restored. The contrast of new vs. old, chic vs. conservative or local vs. international will make your visiting and shooting experience a successful and enjoyable one.

Welcome to my Hometown!

To read the full article, please click here 

Tel Aviv, Israel, Resource Magazine

Tel Aviv, Israel, Resource Magazine

Tel Aviv, Israel, Resource Magazine

Tel Aviv, Israel, Resource Magazine

Tel Aviv, Israel, Resource Magazine


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