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Dabble Magazine: June/July Issue


I love how things turn out!

I’ve contacted Victoria Drainville, the Executive Editor of Dabble Magazine few weeks ago and told her a bit about my ‘Intimacy under the Wires’ photography project. In return, I got an email from her asking me to be featured in the ongoing feature ‘I dabble in…’. Of course I said YES. 

So this morning I got few tweets from my friends who informed me the feature is now on-line. Here is the link to the 8th issue of the magazine. I love how it came out, with the background of Paris rooftops.

Thanks Victoria for having me!

Stay tuned for more collaborations in the near future.

Travel, food, dabble magazine, design, lifestyle


Window or aisle: Peter Zullo


Window or Aisle? is a new column on my Travel blog, in which I feature some of my colleagues and people I meet either on-line or off-line. People with whom I have at least one thing in common: The love of Traveling.

With some of them I was working in the past or collaborated on some projects, some I met through my travels and we were just shooting the breeze and shooting what was around us. With some, I know I would love to collaborate somehow somewhere in the near future.

My first guest is a good friend of mine, Peter Zullo, a photographer from Bologna, Italy. I first met Peter in a photography class we both took at ICP during the winter semester. As quiet and shy Peter was at first, his pictures really blew me away. Especially his on going project Bologna Specular Reflections which spread out to other cities in Italy and New York as well. I met Peter again when I traveled to Florence last October and we shot together in Venice. I was looking for Laundry shots and Peter was looking for Reflections (yep, that’s me in the picture above)

I’m really happy to introduce you to Peter’s work and have him answer some of my questions. Thanks Peter!

Where are you from? I’m italian. I live in Bologna.

Where did you study photography? I have studied photography for the last fifteen years and have attended courses and seminars with professional photographer both in Spazio Labò (Bologna) and in ICP (NYC).

What made you want to learn it?  I was very disappointed by the pictures I took during my first trip in the West of the USA. So I decided I should improve my skill. Since then, I continued studying and taking pictures of people and places while traveling.

If you weren’t a photographer, what would you be? A teacher

Where do you get your inspiration from? Famous photographers (like Steve McCurry), Italian photographers I met (like Giulio Di Meo www.giuliodimeo.it) and talented colleagues. But I think my greatest inspiration are people. I’m a great observer and  I try to shoot people and the places around them.

How do you usually approach a new project? I try to keep my mind open. Usually the result is really different from the first idea. My “Specular Reflections” series should have been a project about all kindS of reflections. After a few weeks of shoots I realized I could do something more specific and unusual.

What are you working on right now? I’m working on a couple of projects of social photography in Bologna. And I’m ready for my next trip: Berlin

Window or Aisle seat?  I can’t sleep on airplane flights. I spend my time organizing my pictures and admiring the landscape. The world seen from an airplane is so quiet and amazing. No doubt. Window.


After All…it’s London…


London, Travel, Oxford Street, Olympic games

The universe is divided into two groups of people: Those who love London and those who love New York. When I was twenty, the guy I was dating back then used to say that there is a defined line between London-lovers and New York-lovers, and one cannot cross that line. Whereas he was a definite London lover, I chose New York. Maybe that’s why we are no longer together. But seriously. The fact I’ve been living in New York for the last 10 years now definitely makes me one who prefers Manhattan, but it doesn’t mean that I don’t love London. I do.

I’ve been to London three times; First time was when I was 16 years old. It was a teenager-sweet sixteen-tour around some European capitals. The second time was quite an accident. I met a guy and we decided to meet again somewhere in the middle. We chose London. It rained throughout the whole week of end of May. My third time was two years ago. I was on my way from Tel Aviv back to New York and decided to pass through the British capital to visit my cousin. What started as a five-day trip ended up as 15. I got stuck in London due to the eruption of the Icelandic vulcan on April 2010 but enjoyed an unexpected early summer.

London, Britain, England, Travel

London, England, Travel

London is a touristic city by definition. If you are planning to visit the British capital this summer, bear in mind you would hit the massive touristic crowds who come to watch the Olympics or those who come to celebrate with the British nation the Queen’s 60th year on the throne. If this is not enough, there might be a chance you find yourself standing in a long line just to get in to the Charles Dickens Museum  just in time for the author’s 200th birthday. But wait. There is more. Across town, Warner Brothers Studio Tour will open the Harry Potter studios to all the real fans who want to re-live the films. And last but not least, The Rolling Stones, celebrating their 50th anniversary, might tour again, with a possible finale in London.

London, Britain, Travel, England, Olympics 2012

London, Britain, Travel, England, Olympics 2012

No doubt, London is going to be a hot destination this Summer. If you find yourself in London, and yet, want to beat the crowds while you are there, I suggest checking in some less touristic destinations.


One of my favorite areas I have discovered is Hoxton. Funny enough, I got to this area by chance. I printed a map to follow Banksy’s steps and one of the locations was near the tube’s station Old Street. When I got out of the tube, my first reaction was to go and find Banksy’s famous graffiti Sweep on Hoxton but after asking few locals where I can find it, they told me the only Banksy’s left was the one outside Cargo club in Rivington street. Of course I ran to that direction, however, I was quite disappointed to find out the mural was a bit hidden by some plants. Nevertheless, I decided to walk around this area and I was happy to discover a vibrant district of Arts and entertainment and a large number of bars, nightclubs, restaurants and Art galleries. Not to mention some great walls covered with good graffiti. If I had an extra time in London, I would definitely spend more time in Hoxton, follow more graffiti walls, get in to more boutiques and enjoy watching the crowds.

Directions: Take the Northern line (black color) and get off Old Street Station.

london, england, graffiti, hoxton, Old Street


While Hoxton is a neighborhood of a young and creative crowd, most of them are starving emerging artists, Hampstead, is also a less touristic area, but with a completely a different vibe. Hampsted is known for its affluent residents and a hub for some of the most expensive housing in the London area. I got to Hampsted as it was one stop away from the area I was staying, and every morning while I was taking the tube to the center of the city, I got curious about Hampstead. Besides, someone advised me to check Hampstead Heath which is a great park with one of the highest points overlooking London (great for photography). Strolling around this beautiful area, watching hound dogs running around and kids wearing rubber boots and running into puddles, made me feel like I was in a British movie. Speaking of movies, a lot of British movies have been filmed in this area; ‘Notting Hill‘, ‘Notes on a Scandal‘ to name a few, and all I could ask for was spotting Hugh Grant stepping out from the Kenwood House or walking his dog in one of the streets.

I highly recommend to take a hike to Hampsted Heath and walk around the narrow cobble stone streets. Enjoy a nice lunch in one of the notable and longstanding cafes such as La Gaffe, Gaucho Grill, or Le Cellier du Midi for example, and have a crowded-less shopping experience in one of the main streets.

Directions: Take the Northern line (black color) and get off Hampsted Station.

London, England, Travel, Olympics, Hampsted

Another way to beat the crowds is sight-seeing the city at night. As long as you avoid Leicester Square, Piccadilly circus or Soho, which are all packed with club and theater crowds, it can be a great opportunity to catch a glimpse of Tower Bridge, London Eye, the Houses of Parliament and the Palace of Westminster, less packed.

London is an exciting city. There are so many sites and places to see and visit; I always recommend to check the side streets of a central area because so many gems and photography opportunities are out there. Walk around the side streets of Notting Hill, check out all floors of Liberty, enjoy a theatrical tour to Hampton Court Palace (highly recommended) or take an architectural tour around some of the most interesting buildings in London, such as The Gherkin. (try to time it during lunch break when all the business men in suits are out there).

London is an exciting city. The weather however, might be tricky and rainy at times, but one thing is sure; London is definitely going to be buzzing and hot!

London, England, Travel, Olumpics

London, England, Travel, Olumpics

London, England, Travel, Olumpics

London, England, Travel, Olumpics

London, England, Travel, Olumpics


Shamenet Magazine May Issue


My on going photography-travel- project ‘Intimacy Under the Wires’ is now featured in May issue of Shamenet Magazine in Israel. This project has been quite popular and been featured on some Travel and Photography blogs for the last couple of months, but this is actually the second time it is on print and the first time it is featured in Hebrew.

Intimacy under the Wires, Travel, Laundry, Shamenet Magazine

Intimacy under the Wires, Laundry, Travel, Shamenet Magazine


Shamenet Magazine May issue


When I visited Paris few months ago on March, I got into a launch party of a new perfume store, Jovoy. I took some pictures and briefly interviewed François Henin, the owner. You can read about it more in my post. The brief article about Jovoy is now featured in the lifestyle and cosmetic section of Shamenet Magazine in Israel, May Issue.

Perfume, Jovoy, Paris, rare, France



At Magazine May Issue


A photographed interview with a talented interior designer and a good friend Merav Sade is now published in At Magazine, May issue. Merav is talking about the process of re-modeling and styling her own private apartment and she is giving few essential tips for readers about interior design. I just love the way she chose the colors and all her vintage furniture! Definitely a keeper.

interior, lifestyle, tel aviv, merav sade

interior, lifestyle, tel aviv, merav sade


Merav Sade’s Apt in Design Sponge


Design, Lifestyle, Interior, Merav Sade

I am super excited to be featured in Design Sponge, one of the most inspiring blogs I follow. When I was in Israel last month, I shot the designed apartment of Merav Sade, who is not only a good friend of mine but also an extremely talented interior designer. We were both psyched when Design Sponge chose to feature the photos in their Sneak Peek column. I was lucky enough to be featured on Design Sponge previously, when they wrote about my on going photography project ‘Intimacy under the Wires’

Thank you Amy and Grace!

Here are some of my favorite images from Merav’s apartment.

Merav Sade, Design Sponge, Design, Interior

Merav Sade, Design Sponge, Design, Interior

Merav Sade, Design Sponge, Design, Interior



Viva Italia


Here is a little confession: When I first saw Dalit Katzenellenbogen Viva Italia blog few months ago, all I wanted was to be her. Meanwhile I’ll do with being a guest blogger on Viva Italia. Here is a short interview with me and featuring some of my photos from my trip to Florence. Here is the link to read the full article. Sorry, but the text is only in Hebrew (but the photos are not)

Florence, Travel, Italy, Viva Italia


New Yorker for a Day


How many times did you visit New York and wished to have at least few decent pictures of yours in that photogenic city? How many times did you visit the city and wanted to look or feel like a real New Yorker? When I travel to other places in the World, trotting with my camera, I always wish to have at least one or two images of myself that will capture the real essence of the place and myself in it.

When my friends come to town, they know I will not only show them around all the cool-trendy-untouristy locations but also photograph them there. And when they leave back home, they know they have a souvenir of Manhattan. (After all, a picture IS worth a thousand words)

I am offering my service as a photographer to those who visit the city and want to be photographed in an artsy-fashion-New York style. I will show you around some of my favorite locations and spots and all you need to do is to look good. It is great for a mother-daughter gateway, girlfriends who visit the city, birthday gifts, bachelorette parties, or just for those who love New York for no reason.

Next time you are in Manhattan, drop me a line or send me an email.



New York, Travel, Manhattan, Photography

New Yorker for a Day, New York, Travel, Sivan Askayo

New York, Photography, Travel, Manhattan

Manhattan, New York, Travel, Photography

New Yorker for a Day, New York, Travel, Sivan Askayo

New Yorker for a Day, New York, Travel, Sivan Askayo

New Yorker for a Day, New York, Travel, Sivan Askayo

New Yorker for a Day, New York, Travel, Sivan Askayo

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